Investigation on comics and graphic novels in the iberian cultural area (iCOnMICS)

Datos generales

Ámbito: Internacional

Fecha de inicio: 01/11/2020.
   Fecha de finalización: 31/10/2024

Investigador principal:
Prof. Viviane Alary
Entidad financiadora:
COST - Horizon 2020
Institución coordinadora:
  • Université Clermont Auvergne
Otras instituciones:
  • University of Oxford
  • Universitat de València
  • Newcastle University
Otras entidades colaboradoras:
  • IVAM; Museo ABC; Astiberri;

Descripción del proyecto


The iCOn-MICS Action aims at carrying out Investigation on Comics and Graphic Novels from the Iberian Cultural Area (Spain, Portugal, and Latin America). Today, Iberian comics are struggling to position themselves on the global scene particularly because of past political and economic crises and a strong lack of recognition. Moreover, research works are very scattered leading to redundant initiatives and sources are not easily accessible. iCOn-MICS will address it by structuring an international federating network of researchers, professionals, and end-users on Iberian comics to gather research works and improve access to it and to the sources; strengthening its dissemination and preservation; and improving practices for using comics as an educational tool to highlight and improve the image of this medium. To achieve those objectives, the network integrates 11 European countries, including 7 ITCs and 3 countries of Latin America (IPCs). iCOn-MICS will produce various tools devoted to a broad range of stakeholders including: a database gathering Iberian comics, authors, and research works, a professional website dedicated to Iberian comics promotion, and a guide to use comics as an educational tool. This Action will significantly strengthen Iberian comics identity on the international scene. Moreover, comics as a testimony to countries culture and history will provide a new vision of this Iberian area. Finally, iCOnMICS will offer broader advances in research on new trends and use of comics as an educational tool. Sustainable synergies created between authors, publishers, readers and researchers in this field will represent solid assets for developing research and industry.


Palabras clave: Cómics; Historieta; Hispanismo; Lusofonía; América Latina


a-To improve preservation and access to Iberian comics which are now dispersed ; b- to gather the research works on Iberian comics, and disseminate them worldwide; c- to gather and highlight more specifically Iberian female authors and researchers works; as well as Portuguese authors and works, and works written in minority languages; d- to improve the recognition of comic studies from ECI to help them reach positions in the university; e- to create sustainable synergies between Iberian comics industry and academia to foster recognition of Iberian comics and development of its industry, and reinforce its identity on the international scene. This will be addressed thanks to: - the creation of a database, the main deliverable of the Action: it will gather bibliographical and comics references on diverse perspectives studied in each Working Group (detailed in 4.1.1); -the production of a guide on “How to use comics as an educational tool?”, associated with an Educational Canon of selected Iberian comics, to harmonise the use of comics for teaching and communication, but also to promote Iberian comics this way. - the organisation of activities (meetings, training schools, STSMs) involving researchers from diverse disciplines to foster multi-disciplinary works. Some will be dedicated to young researchers to foster their collaborations and their career development; to ITCs to enhance their research capacity and dissemination, and finally to women to contribute to their works’ recognition. - the organisation of diverse events (meetings, training schools, STSMs, exhibitions, surveys) involving both researchers and professionals or end-users, various stakeholders in order to create collaborations and exchange of practices and views to better know comics industry and end-users needs.

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